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The smartphone is the most basic version of technology being used in our day-to-day life. The life of the current generation is incomplete without smartphones. From the time when the day starts till the time when the day ends, we have our mobile phones by our side for multiple uses.

If we get bored it is a source of entertainment, if we want to know about something or get a new update we search for it on our smartphone, if we’re going to learn something academic or non-academic we take help from mobile phones, we have to find any home remedy we search in it, and many other tasks we perform just with the help of this single device; so basically we cannot perform any task without using our phones. Taking children away from these technologies is not actually a brilliant idea.

As per the girls boarding schools in Kolkata The intelligent use of technology is the smart idea today because you cannot maintain a very long distance between your children and the mobile phone. It is true that you might provide the device for gaming or entertainment stuff to the kids, but surely you will give them a smartphone for learning poems or lessons, making projects or assignments, or any other kind of educational thing.

From the very beginning, when a child opens his eyes, he is living in the generation where technology is feeding humans their basic necessities. From waking alarms to work reminders to information exchanging till the end when humans are back to sleep, smart phones travel with humans like their own shadow. Also, this technology is for humans, by human and to human-like as democracy, and snatching it away from the upcoming masters of technology does not seem to be a great idea.

Instead, it should be done that use of technology should be limited, and some areas of it should be restricted, focusing on their age. The elders can limit the interaction of the younger ones with a smartphone but should not prohibit it since they are going to the future of the generations of technology, so they must be introduced to it bit by bit with their increasing ages. The technology isn’t dangerous; it is the way we use it that makes it dangerous. When something is consumed or used beyond the limit, it eventually becomes dangerous for everyone.

But if used with proper care and protection, it is incredibly great to work with it. It is true that the excessive use of smartphones makes children addicted to it which leads to different problems that a child faces; like obesity as the physical working of the body isn’t practiced, the mental exercise isn’t done well, the vision gets weak before age, no physical activity causes a weak immune system and many others. The effective and efficient use makes life easy and interesting.

It helps in studies, makes learning fun, introduces them to multiple topics of their own interest, and quenches their curiosity. The curiosity of a child is very high, and to meet this curiosity with excellence requires some great efforts of the parents, but through smartphones and technology, it becomes super easy to teach them with their level of understanding. The regulated use of technology as per the age of the young mind helps to create some genius creative mind as the child can find multiple easy ways to practice its creativity while experimenting through the technology.

The best and the worst part of the technology is its vastness and multi-dimensional behavior; there is a complete world that is built. Just you need to manage it truthfully.

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