Online education and childhood

In this covid-19 situation, the student’s education is highly affected. Online classrooms or virtual classrooms created inside a screen are not as effective as they used to be in physical classrooms. Today, the students conduct self-education, and the education procedure of delivering and accepting knowledge is wholly changed.

Students’ lives are highly affected if being inside a closed room of 4 walls isn’t sufficient to attain the appropriate amount of education. The students lack the quality education that they used to acquire in traditional classrooms; the online education system is quite different, which is why it isn’t easy to adjust and accept.

The interest that used to develop during the classrooms and the interactions that used to take place between the teacher and the students have now been more ambiguous, which is why there is a bunch of confusion in the academic section while the co-curricular and non-academic part is completely shut the students are not able to learn as the activities that used to be the fun part of education and not conducted even if they are being undertaken the teamwork, the creativity, the passion, the enthusiasm, the interest and also the participation is declined it is all because of lack of resources being at home is not fun.

international schools in India teachers are indeed making efforts to make online education enjoyable and effective, but 800, the lack of student interest is no worth. Nothing makes more sense than the traditional education system, as the teacher is physically present and can promote one-to-one interaction more conveniently and effectively. Now the scenario has changed: teachers are behind the screen, and they cannot judge the students through their physical behavior, and no one-to-one interaction is possible.

Classrooms are not just fun because of the teacher-student interaction but also because of the student-to-student interaction. People with the same age group are more comfortable exchanging their thoughts and ideas than sharing them with their teachers or mentors. It was easy for the students to study together, learn from each other’s understanding and solve queries and doubts independently.

The young students who study in pre primary classes or schools in India are supposed to research and enhance the foundation of the alphabet and letters. Still, all being conducted online, it is difficult for the Teachers to help the kids write.

For the primary student, the responsibility of parents has now increased, and the role of school and teachers has reduced. Earlier, teachers and class mentors used to hold students’ hands and help them write the letters accordingly. Most of the time, teachers also use fun techniques such as elocutions, class reading, repeated recitation, etc., which was considered helpful in teaching students more conveniently.

Why is it the hardest for children to acquire education online?

While a child is young and is living their initial year of school life, the school environment helps the child learn. They watch out for other students from the class and work accordingly. They know more from each other than what they learn from their teachers. A child does not just learn to read and write alphabets but also understands the basic social behavior of talking, eating, playing, and everything.

While a person is around people of the same age group, they form immediate bonds and work togetherness that helps them learn quickly. The homely environment is excessively safe and protected, which is why a child doesn’t find enough space to explore and wander inside out. A child learns a lot at home, but they know more at school. Being around a giant group of people with different capabilities and working capacities, they also observe a sense of competition that is healthy for the rapid growth of achievers.

A school is a professional space for educating students, which is why there are present different tools and infrastructure that enhance the learnings of the students. Also, the teachers are free to conduct activities without worrying about the equipment. A school is a place that completely defines, “together we learn, together we grow”.

In online education, the environment that students receive is the opposite of what they receive at schools. There can be no uniformity in online education as different people have different cultures and different home atmospheres that affect the educational capacities of the students. The background noises distract the students, no certain discipline can be ruled, lack of concentration can be seen, low attendance due to network problems and other reasons, classroom activities cannot be done freely, lack of resources, no query sorting can be done, etc. are relatable problems that not just students face but also are problematic for the teachers.



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Eduminatti is one of the best school consultancies which is providing all detail regarding schools, colleges, universities, and other examinations.