Life of an Army Person

Far from the villages and towns,

Far from their families and grounds,

In the unknown boundaries so wide,

Where blows the wind with pride,

To whom the high mountains bow,

And for them, skies take their protection vow,

There long live my men in uniform.

The army is not just a word. It is an emotion to every countryman. What an army person does for the country is irreversible and unpayable. The army is something that stands for true patriotism, and nobody else can do it better than them. They are the pride of the nation that stands with the sovereignty, dignity, and dedication to safeguard the nation’s security.

Every child dreams of a career in the army because nothing is more beautiful and respectful than being a part of the army, and wearing that army uniform is next to experiencing heaven. The army is another name of discipline, selflessness, and sacrifice. It sounds so fascinating to be a part of the army and wear that uniform for the rest of my life, but nobody knows what pain it asks to just feel that uniform.

The secured boundaries, the nation’s freedom, and the free countrymen are all true due to such a great army that serves the country day and night, giving up their luxury and breaths.

We all can today breathe in this free air just because of the blood and lives that our great army persons have given for the sake of the country. An army person leaves everything that one has, even his family and children. He leaves the shadow of his mother who brought him in to live, to give protective shadow to mother India, who is the giver of life to each one of us.

As per the Schools in Pune The army is not just for fighting wars to abandon the attacks or defeat the enemies. The armies give their services to the nation 24/7, non-stop. They are always available to maintain peace within the nation. As there are multiple people and organizations, those try to create hustle-bustle within the nation so that it deviates the focus of the forces towards the general public and the chaos so that they can easily try to crash or attack the country without being noticed. The army has to survive in such areas where the living conditions are too harsh to survive. But they are always available there protecting and securing the reigns of the nation.

Many times the weather conditions are intolerable, like in the deserts, the days are extremely dry with the scorching sun above heads, and the nights are super chilling to bear, and in mountain places where the temperature is always below or near zero degree Celsius. Food and water scarcity they had to survive in multiple areas where it is hard to find proper water supplies, not just this they also fight wars at such places and prevent the incoming of unlawful invading as well as trading.

They keep an eye over the borders and line of control so that there is no exchange of explosive materials or other harmful chemicals, and nobody enters the national premises without being a renowned citizen of India. Everything that an army person does and in the conditions hardships they survive are beyond imagination. They are the ones who reach any difficult situation within the nation at the first call, whether it is land forces, navy, or air forces. At times of natural as well as man-made disasters, it is our army that reaches at once for different rescue missions and distributes the essentials at the time of emergency.

All this our army does just for our welfare and for us selflessly, asking nothing in return. But the thing each of us can offer them is respect towards their families, towards them and their work. They suffer a lot in the borders, and their families have everything at stake. Therefore, each one of us should take the initiative to help the family members of army persons and give them love and respect.




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Eduminatti is one of the best school consultancies which is providing all detail regarding schools, colleges, universities, and other examinations.

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