Web series are high on trends, and everything that makes a trend or matches the movement is high on demand. This is what makes web series so popular within such a short span of time. The best thing about the web series is, unlike the Indian television drama, they do not drag storylines for no cause; instead, the story is crisp and sharp, delivering its messages that end in a limited number of the episode.

And if they want to extend the story, they cast new seasons for it so that the flavor of the story remains throughout. Hence the web series is most popular among the youths. There are web series available for every age group on different platforms having the stories mostly related to everyday lifestyles that help the younger generations connect more, and thus they develop a large fan base.

If we talk about the kind of impact that these web series have on our life, then the results are not all negative. There are web series that discuss the dark side of our society and introduce the different levels of generations to the crime world or the abusive terms that are mostly being part of conversations between the same age groups of people. Well, if I mainly talk about the offensive language or phrases that have created a good space in the conversations of higher school-level people and college-level people.

It is true that these terms are most common in their conversations, but it is not that they are said in some humiliating or aggressive viewpoint. These are mostly today’s friendly gestures. Not mainly today’s because the older generations who pretend to be very old and mature have been on the same stage of life once, and have definitely used them as a friendly gesture to their friends, and so does today’s generation.

To be honest, if you find some kids or children who use these F words out of fun or insaneness, then you must keep a strict eye on them and look for the source where they are actually receiving it. If it is actually the web series, then you as a parent or elder sibling have the responsibility to undertake the child to direct the right path.

This is mainly because every co ed schools in Bengaluru kids wants to be an elderly person so that he/she can enjoy all the privileges, and it encourages the kids to behave or act as adults of their house or surrounding. So being an adult acknowledges the child about his/her rights and wrongs, do’s, and don’t.

Show the kind of web series best suited for their age group. I mainly believe that web series do not have any negative impact if they watch the web series meant for their particular age group; otherwise, if the adults want the children to watch different web series, then it should be done under proper guidance. You need to know what the child thinks about other characters of the series and how the child reacts to their actions. Try to direct them in the right direction solemnly.

The storyline of the web series is far better than the Bollywood entertainment movies. Also, I believe that Bollywood movies or Indian television series have a false effect on young minds. Maybe the Bollywood or these television shows do not use the F words directly, but they definitely use the distorted version or the terms and some other abusive terms too; the television shows such false characters those are beyond reality, as according to them, the main lead character is purer than the lord itself with no false traits whereas the negative character has no good qualities as it is just meant to do illicit works and cook conspiracies against the main lead.

This is what affects the young mind more and sarcastically. They call it a family drama. Just because the story is about a family with no use or F words and no sex clips, it doesn’t become a family drama. Actually, a family drama should be more like web series like Kota factory, Special Ops, Brooklyn9–9, 13 reasons why? etc., because they truly cast the image of the society and provide knowledgeable insight into real life.

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Eduminatti is one of the best school consultancies which is providing all detail regarding schools, colleges, universities, and other examinations.

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