1. Try to understand the reason behind their selfish behavior.
  2. Clear the misconception. Understand if they have a reason for doing something that seems to be selfish to you. For example, it might seem selfish to you that they choose to study rather than spending time with their friends. We often notice people commenting on such acts though we seldom look beyond it to know the reasons. Not everything that seems selfish to you should certainly be a selfish act.
  3. Reduce the time of interaction with them. Try your best to stay away from such people. If you cannot avoid them, then lessen your communication with them. This will also help you focus more on yourself and your priorities rather than ending up regretting the time spent with them.
  4. Try not to take their words and actions personally. Selfish people treat almost everyone around them the same way and do not usually care about the other person’s feelings. If they criticize you, it might just be because they want to show that they are better. Avoid dwelling on their words and feeling bad about yourself. Instead, check if they have a point that you can improve on or else ignore their words.
  5. If you are talking to a selfish person, they might make the whole conversation about themselves, primarily focusing on their achievements. Try to change the topic of conversation by bringing up something that you have an interest in. Do not be afraid of changing the topic randomly; politely ask something that you want to talk about and
  6. shift the conversation. If they go back to talking about themselves, then remind them what you guys were initially talking about. These kinds of manners or etiquette are usually taught in top 10 boarding schools in India.
  7. Understand that there is a difference between healthy and toxic selfishness. It is not wrong to take some time for yourself and put yourself first on that priority list. But it is also essential to keep a check on yourself to ensure that your behavior is not being destructive for those around you.
  8. It is a complex world with positive as well as negative people. One cannot make all the negativity vanish, but we can reduce it by spreading positivity around us.




Eduminatti is one of the best school consultancies which is providing all detail regarding schools, colleges, universities, and other examinations.

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Eduminatti is one of the best school consultancies which is providing all detail regarding schools, colleges, universities, and other examinations.

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