How To Create Perfect Space For Studying

Studying isn’t done to pass the annual or semester exam, not even top the exam. It is done to acquire some basic knowledge about the world that has happened before, what is happening today, and the predictions about what will happen tomorrow. We do not study to pass an exam; instead, an exam is a part of our studies.

Most probably we misinterpret or study just to achieve our life goals regarding the profession, and I have done it. We all do it. But you can clear an exam or can even top an exam by mugging up the whole content by heart and forget it all after. Studying is something that we purposefully do to make our own vision towards the world, and with the right amount of education, we can even share our vision with the whole world. This is the best part about studying and being educated from good ib schools in dehradun. We can create our own world in this world.

Follow the following steps to create your own space for studying:

  1. Choose your most favorite place in the house, the place that is most peaceful and soothing to you. Remember while choosing the place that there must be the least number of distractions present within that space. If you wish to excel in anything, not just studies, try to be more focused and dedicated towards it. Success asks for pain and time. The more you truly devote yourself to it, the higher is the possibility of succeeding. To focus and develop a good amount of concentration, you must set yourself free from all the problems that surround you for that certain period of time when you enter that space. It is highly important that you attain a peaceful state of mind during that period of time.
  2. Keep a distance from all the possible things that distract you. For example, mobile phone, tablet, television, laptop (may or may not), games, PlayStation, toys, etc. Analyze your weaknesses and work on them. Like some people who are not interested in studies try to escape taking references of hunger, thirst, sleep (or drowsiness), and even washroom emergencies. Make sure that if you are visiting the place to study, then you actually study. Intake fruits or some light meal before you sit, take a water bottle with you into the place, and do all the washroom things; so that you are left with no reason to escape.
  3. Do not sit for longer hours. Your mind needs rest after one or two hours, otherwise, your mind starts to get distracted very easily, or y bou do not feel like studying. Therefore take a healthy break of 10–15 minutes like you can have some more fruits, take a walk in your kitchen garden, or sports field or park, Many schools in the city like top 10 schools in dehradun cbse takes these students mental health very important so that students can take break and then study back in a good mood.
  4. Many good offices like google office have the same kind of activities…and like sony in japan, they have swings in the office for creative mental health and even if somebody sleeps it is allowed as it is seen as the working hard nature. So that the mind is creative, and gets the perfect space for studying or working ,breathing some fresh air, having some good talks with your family, or visiting somewhere near you where you can watch nature. Never opt for watching television or mobile phone or something that is a distraction to you; because it can elongate your 10–15 minute break to hours. Also, your mind needs some rest, and electronic media never relaxes your mind.
  5. Studying requires a hell of a lot of concentration, passion, and dedication. Now it is a question, how can studies be our passion? Yes, surely they can be if we can find the correct reason to study (not mugging up). There is no harm if that reason is to secure a good professional life. Just keep in mind that you are studying for other more reasons and not just exams (or competition). Studying is the process of understanding the concept, its functionality, its pros and cons, and most importantly, the reason why to study it (i.e., the use of it in our day-to-day life).



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