Does there need to be a change in the age for voting?

VOTING, the name as it seems to be so simple doesn’t have that simple meaning. There lies a high responsibility with this mere small word. Your one vote decides who can be the next ruling body for the nation and will it have a positive impact or negative impact, it all depends upon you.

Being a pass-out from one of the top schools in Delhi does not give everyone the required intellect to vote. Every country sets an age bar for the citizens to cast a vote. Only those citizens who are eligible to vote to meet the required criteria. In my opinion, the voting age should be lowered so more young people will get a sense of responsibility with this casting and they can understand that their presence also matters and their one vote can change the whole game within no time.

Youth is the future of the nation, and it should be the responsibility of the youth to make better decisions for themselves as well as for the government. So, keeping this view in mind, the voting age should be lowered in the country.

There are many reliable and evident reasons founded by students of cbse schools in Delhi to support the fact that youth with their knowledge and skills are more faithful to make better and efficient decisions.

Top reasons to support the lowering of voting age

  • No wrong votes

When the age of the citizens is lowered for casting votes, then the youth will get more responsibility to check their decision before casting their vote thoroughly. The youth are given education, and with the power of knowledge, they can choose wisely who the better leader for the nation is.

The young minds are not oppressed easily by anyone, so they have the power of decision that they can somewhat put forward their choice without any hesitation.

  • Knowledge

The young minds are mostly the school pass outs or still studying, and with their education and knowledge, they will first judge the candidates for voting based on various parameters so that they can make better decisions.

They don’t have any such political links or experience that makes them more responsible and accurate while making the decision. They will only rely on pure logic and knowledge to choose the best candidate to cast their vote. So, lowering the age of voting can prove to be a real boon for the nation in every aspect.

  • Improves their standard of living

If the younger minds are given a chance to vote, then they can have an opportunity to raise their voice against the issues they are facing, and there will be high chances that their opinions will be heard with utmost sincerity.

Talking about the problems faced by youth has never been an agenda for the political parties, but once the youth start voting at a lower age, then their voices will be heard and that will not only benefit them but also to the coming generations.

By lowering the age for casting votes, the problems of youth will get significance and will have a chance to eradicate them from society.

  • Voter turnout will increase.

If people start voting at a lower age, then it is more likely that they will develop this habit and vote for more consecutive years that will increase the voter turnout. When a person starts voting at an early age, then they can come across various issues that are prevailing in the society, and they can come up with alternatives to solve the problems and raise their voice when needed.

This will make youth more aware of their surroundings, and they will become a more responsible citizen that is a boon for the future.

  • Increase in rate of right voters

If young people start voting, then there are very few chances that any of the political parties will lure them because they have the potential to use all their visions and make a better choice. Moreover, at this age, the youth is more fearless than others that are going to add a bonus point for it.

When the youth is intellectual, they won’t vote based on caste and creed. They won’t tolerate any discrimination in the society that is further going to benefit the nation to a great extent and remove all the bias from society.

  • Chance to participate in politics

If the youth are given voting rights, they can get a fair chance to participate in the electoral process and don’t feel oppressed. Youth will be more energetic and enthusiastic about taking part in various campaigns and events and proving their mettle.

With the participation of youth in politics, all sorts of problems will be entertained in the upper bodies and that too with proper respect and dignity. With the help of youth leaders, the other young minds can get a voice in various processes.

Final verdict

In the end, we can conclude that if the age of voting is lowered, then there are high chances of being heard in the Legislation that in turn will help the nation to prosper. The young minds are fearless and enthusiastic. So, lowering the age of voting will be a boon rather than a bane.



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