A library has a collection of a wide range of books, learning material and sources of information which are selected by a group of experts and made accessible to the defined community or audience for reference or borrowing of it. In a quiet, peaceful environment, people read and gain some knowledge. A library collection includes books, magazines, newspapers, manuscripts, documents, films etc. The library usually consists of millions of things which are useful and valuable for people.

Virtual Library is one of the best options to learn new things without going anywhere. Several websites are there that provide excellent stuff for the readers. Every school or college has its library where students can read without any disturbance. Even admission consultants, like Eduminatti, guide students for building vocabulary and English speaking skills.

The library is organized for use and maintained by a public body like an institution, corporation or private individual. Public and institutional libraries collection and services for the usage of people who choose to buy an extensive collection of books and those who require some professional help in their study or research. Library also provides the services of librarians who have the knowledge of finding and organizing information and interpreting it. Libraries also offer common space for group study and collaboration.

Nowadays, libraries have electronic resources such as the internet to search for various books and information in a quick and easy manner. Modern libraries of today provide access to information and books in various formats and from various sources also. There is an extension of services beyond the physical walls of a building by providing access to material by electronic means and provides help of librarian in finding and analyzing a large amount of information with the help of different digital resources. Libraries are now becoming the hub of the community where programs are delivered, and people are engaged in life-long learning.

There are many types of libraries which includes Academic libraries which are in college and university campus and serves students and teaching faculty. Some of the public institutions which are open for the general public are also known as the academic library. This kind of library provides information related to research and resource links for students. There are children libraries which consists of a special collection of books for small children for developing interest in reading books at an early stage of life. National libraries are there, which includes national repository kind of information and rarely allows citizens to borrow books. Their collection includes rare, valuable and significant works.

Digital libraries which include information from various digital resources. They provide access to material for the future in an easy and affordable manner. A digital library uses different software, networking technologies and standards to facilitate the digital content and data to a particular user community.

In the 21st century, a hard copy of books is replaced by growth and seamless access to electronic books which are also called e-books. These books are accessible worldwide. Nowadays, readers also consider these books to read online through their phones and tablets. Students and educators also prefer to read digital copies of books. Here are some advantages of virtual library:


  1. It saves and reduces the physical space taken by hard copies of books
  2. It sometimes adds up improved searching capability in a digital format.
  3. The material required is available in a user’s desktop in a quick manner.
  4. It provides the user with the facility of downloading and manipulating the text
  5. It often allows access to multiple users at the same time.
  6. It eradicates the problem of a book being misplaced or missing from a shelf.

The creation of a virtual library involves various stages of development which includes-:

● The decision-making process

● New training and skills for library staff

● To install and test it

● To create a structure to organize and access materials

● To market and promote materials

● To train the users

In this digital era, the virtual library can replace the bricks and stone libraries as it is a mix of electronic and paper resources, and slowly we are moving towards a paperless society. Librarians will continue to work to provide people with seamless and well-organized access to virtual library resources.

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen, Tom Sharman, Virtual Umbrella, Alice Atkinson, Alice Bonasio, Jorge Izquierdo, Lucas McGartland, Beau Cronin, Daniel Schuman, City of Boston




Eduminatti is one of the best school consultancies which is providing all detail regarding schools, colleges, universities, and other examinations.

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Eduminatti is one of the best school consultancies which is providing all detail regarding schools, colleges, universities, and other examinations.

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