Can religion and science coexist?

The relationship between religion and science is the subject of long-lasting debate in philosophy and theology.

Now the question arises, to what extent religion and science can coexist?

Science and religion can integrate in one crucial way. Many scientists and priests have been trying to find the origin of the earth for many years. But everyone has a different theory and a different belief about the history of the planet. So, it becomes challenging to identify which one is true and which one is false. As both, sides are not able to put any substantial evidence, so we can’t decide which one is supreme, but still, the blame game is always high, in these two beliefs. We all know very well that science and religion are like opponents on a battlefield for human hearts and minds.

Science and religion teach us the same thing. Science demonstrates the same phenomenon that humans read in religious books. That’s why it is crucial to introduce this concept to students also. Educational institutions and admission counseling services are dedicatedly working on this and creating awareness.

Deep insight into the beliefs of science and religion

John Lennon, physicist George Ellis, and many other famous scientists are there who believe in faith, these scientists are demonstrated proof that science and religion coexist. There are some anti-religion scientists also there, who do not believe in theology such as Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, and Stephen Hawking, and they have proved the power of science through their incredible discoveries or inventions. They solve all the secrets of the universe with the power of science. Yes, we can say that science helps us to show the structure and history of reality or the real world from the smallest to the most massive scale.

Science also says that if God is that powerful, and God is the reason behind everything that happens with us, then why so many people face pain and unfairness. Why do all these natural calamities occur which destroy many families and their houses? According to religion, we all are the children of God, then how does God allow their children to suffer? Religious people say that whatever God is doing with us that is for our sake, and it is best for us, these lines are only suitable for consoling.

Religion is the complete package of values, beliefs, and practices that a group holds to be accurate and sacred. We all have some sort of religious idea. Every society has one religious belief so that we can say it is an essential part of life. Because it serves a social function in a group of people, providing a shared identity of where people come from and where they are likely to be going after death. It was like everybody who takes birth on the earth has probably wondered what is my purpose in life? These religious beliefs provide meaning and comfort. If you try to define a miracle as an infinitely impossible event, then we must say that our existence is also a miracle

Importance of science and religion

According to Albert Einstein “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”.

Can we humans replace animals, can animals replace plants, the answer to such a question is very much logical. Every species in the entire universe performs a different function. They are not only different in their appearance, but they are different in every aspect. But still, with all the difference we manage to live as a family. We are incomplete without each other; it is impossible to live without each other.

Similarly, science and religion are two different areas; both have different beliefs, functions, and methods. So, the comparison between these two areas is absurd, and hence they both can exist together.

Let us try to understand this with an example.

We can make a difference between science and religion by one way only, that is, science concerns the natural world and tells the natural fact about anything. They only believe in the things they see. Whether on the other hand religion believes in both natural and supernatural elements. The scientific explanation does not appeal to supernatural entities such as god or angels and spirits or non-natural things like karma, miracles. In these terms, scientists and neuroscientists only explain these things or connect these things with the state of mind, not with the perspective of the supernatural stuff like spirit or soul. So, it does not make any statement whether these supernatural things exist or not.

So, we can clearly say that science and religion coexist.

Andrei Tapalaga ✒️ Michael Mamas, Nautilus, Lochlan Bloom, Ilexa Yardley, Lanu Pitan, Leigh Drogen, Jack Preston King




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Eduminatti is one of the best school consultancies which is providing all detail regarding schools, colleges, universities, and other examinations.

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