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Every student does not dream of being a backbencher. Some schools in Dehradun say that students wish for the front benches. These students are the apple of the teacher’s eye. They are the ones who make school life difficult for the backbenchers. But is also true that to be a great student, it is not necessary that one should be gifted with an A-grade IQ level. Anyone can prove his/her capabilities and become a great student if encouraged rightly because there is no rocket science in being a good student. To be a good student, one must inculcate a few good habits that are helpful not just today or tomorrow but will be fruitful for the lifetime if kept unchanged.

  1. Regular: A great student is regular with the work allotted. They are regular with their studies, homework, activities, etc. A good student knows what time values and how they can be used most efficiently.
  2. Organized: They have a perfectly balanced timetable that balances their sports with their study time. They even organize their diet to keep their mind and body well nourished.
  3. Caring and Helpful: They are always friendly and are ready to help their fellow mates whenever needed. They are easy-going and adjustable, which makes them understanding and caring.
  4. Goal-driven: They have their life plans and goals. They are dedicated and focused with every work they do. They give their best to everything they do no matter what the results bring back to them. They also realize their mistakes and try to improve each time.
  5. Team player: They are best with the team. They are a team in the individual, but when they come to work in a team, they are good in leadership as well as team play. They can work accordingly with the team and perform the task with their best abilities to earn for the team and with the team.
  6. Confident: They are confident while speaking and are capable of handling situations that require courage and confidence. They do not panic in difficult situations and use their wits to tackle the condition.
  7. Well-behaved: They know their limits and edges. Therefore, they try to be polite and respectful to their elders while cooperating and gentle to their younger ones. They are also obedient and self-motivated.
  8. Inquisitive: They are knowledgeable but still are eager to learn new topics whenever possible. They enjoy good company where they can share and exchange knowledge and good thoughts over different topics of interest.
  9. Competitive: They are friendly outside but are competitive inside. They compete with all sincerity and use no tricks or hacks to earn a false win. They are true to themselves and do not believe in the culture of cheating.
  10. Optimistic: They have a different vision for different situations. Their positive attitude fills the aura with calmness and new possibilities. Their optimistic vision helps everyone cope with difficult times. They are the believer of Karma and know that everything happens for a cause. They also believe that every difficult time brings a solution with it and teaches us valuable new life lessons.

Some boarding schools in Dehradun believe that to be a great student requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and self-realization. One must be more focused and value time, and these habits, if practiced for a long duration in life, become life changers. These habits are assets to one’s life. These are everything we learn from or day to day life experiences. Therefore, it is rightly said that if one forgets all the mistakes he has committed throughout, he will eventually forget all his wits and knowledge life taught him.





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